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We are Passionate about helping your Child

The DSA Academy prepares P3-P6 students for their DSA Applications into the Secondary School of their choice. Apart from building your Child's portfolio over the months, the Academy will also impart them crucial Interview skills and help with their Audition Videos in order to give them a good headstart amongst all the other applicants.

DSA provides a pathway for students to gain direct entry to secondary schools or JCs based on their diverse talents and achievements, beyond their performance at the national examinations. Upon admission, students can develop these talents further in their secondary schools or JCs. 

At the DSA Academy, we’re passionate about helping your Child realise their full potential and passion in Performing Arts.


Keep up to date with New Announcements and changes to the DSA schemes, and get full support from our Team whenever you have questions. If you’d like to benefit from a private consultation, head to our bookings page and connect with one of our DSA Experts.

DSA Stages

  • Stage 1 - DSA 1 & 2 Dance | Vocals | Theatre

  • Stage 2 - DSA 3 & 4 Dance | Vocals | Theatre

  • Stage 3 - DSA 5 & 6 Dance | Vocals | Theatre

  • Portfolio Building 

  • Interview Skills

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